• Fall dormancy rating of 4.2 with a winter-hardiness score of 2.0
  • Optimum persistence, cold tolerance, and high yield potential
  • Forage Quality is above average with a high leaf-to-stem ratio


  • High quality and yield potential
  • Fall dormancy: 5
  • High resistance to multiple yield-robbing pests including root-knot nematode and stem nematode

6427-RR NEX 

  • Maximum Yields, Quality and/or Milk Per Acre Potential
  • Fall Dormancy: 4
  • High Mulifoliate Expression for Maximum Quality


  • Top choice for poorly drained soils
  • Fall dormancy: 4
  • Harvest flexibility for optimal balance of quality and yield

Powerpoint ST 4 

  • Fall Dormancy: 4.2
  • Higher digestibility and yields equal more milk
  • Winter hardiness: 2.2
  • Adapts to all soil types
  • Extremely high disease resistance to phytophthora and aphanomyces root rot
  • Multileaf

Powerpoint ST 5 

  • Fall Dormancy: 5
  • High yield potential with high resistance to most major diseases
  • Very adaptable and well-suited to fields with soil variations
  • Winter hardiness: 2.5