• Excellent Yield Potential and Very Economical
  • A Fall Dormancy 3 that is Adapted to a Wide Range of Growing Conditions
  • Winterhardiness: 8
  • Great for Those Imperfectly Drained soils


  • High Quality and Yield Potential
  • Excellent Choice to Maximize Forage Production While Profiting from the Roundup Ready® Weed Control System
  • High Resistance to Multiple Yield-Robbing Pests including Root Knot Nematode and Stem Nematode


  • Maximum Yields, Quality and/or Milk Per Acre Potential
  • Fall Dormancy: 4
  • High Mulifoliate Expression for Maximum Quality


  • High Resistance to Stem Nematode
  • Latest Generation Fall Dormancy” 5
  • Rapid Recovery After Cutting


  • Top Choice for Poorly Drained Soils
  • Fall Dormancy: 4
  • Harvest Flexibility for Optimal Balance of Quality and Yield

Powerpoint ST 

  • Fall Dormancy: 4.5
  • Great for a 3-5 Cutting System
  • Higher Digestibility and Yields Equal More Milk
  • Winter-hardiness: 8
  • Works Well in Multi-Cutting Schedules
  • Adapts to All Soil Types
  • Extremely High Disease Resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot and Aphanomyces Root Rot
  • Multileaf


  • Fall Dormancy: 4
  • High Yield Potential with High Resistance to Most Major Diseases
  • Very Adaptable and Well-Suited to Fields with Soil Variations