Rocky Mountain Sorghum Sudangrass

  • Excellent for direct grazing, hay or haylage
  • Has a fine, thin stem with excellent standibility and re-growth capability
  • Superior drought performance
  • Grows 6’-10’ high, extra sweet and juicy
  • Irrigated planting rate 35-40 lbs per acre, dryland 15-20 lbs per acre

Sweet Sorghum Sudangrass BMR

  • Excellent for direct grazing, hay or haylage
  • This hybrid is completely Brown Mid-Rib
  • Brown Mid-Rib has increased digestibility in its stem and leaves
  • Less indigestibility lignin 40% – 60%
  • Outstanding regrowth, 6’ – 10’ high and juicy
  • Irrigated planting rate 15 lbs per acre, dryland 8-10 lbs per acre

PGS 1211 Grain Sorghum

  • Early maturing hybrid has excellent yield potential
  • Excellent for double crop situation in most areas
  • Great for a late planted dry land or irrigated crop
  • Days to 1/2 bloom: 50-55
  • Days to Maturity: 90-95
  • Plant Height: 40-45
  • Head Type: Semi-Comp
  • Grain Color: Red

Sweet Silage Maker

  • Produces an 6’ – 8’ tall plant with large heads of grain on a sweet and leafy stock
  • Yields very big tonnages of high energy feed
  • Under irrigation and proper fertilization 25-30 tons per acre is possible
  • Irrigated planting rate 8-11 lbs per acre, limited irrigation 5-8 lbs per acre

Concep III Treated Seed

Concep III is a Herbicide Antidote for use as a seed dressing to protect grain or forage sorghum from the phytotoxic effects of S-metolachlor containing herbicides.